Client Testimonials

Here are just a few things that clients are saying about Whole Home.

Don, 83 and Arlene, 73, S. of Dent

"Oh, we just love Whole Home. They just did a great job. We just love it," she said. "The men who came were just so polite and cleaned everything up. It's just beautiful. We recommend Whole Home and have recommended Whole Home to our friends. We tell them they just have to call because they do such a good job."

Dirk, 81 and Margaret, 78, R. of Indian Hill

"They did nice jobs on all of them. We are very well satisfied," he said. "They respond to you quickly and professionally. When you need help they are there. We are just an elderly couple in our 80s and they were there for us when we needed them. The work was flawless. They are very well equipped to do the work - they know what to do."

Van and Willa N. of Ft. Thomas

"The work they did was outstanding. People just go WOW when they see our bathroom! We could have gone to a private contractor, but you just won't get the warm personal experience that you get with Whole Home."

Galen and Joyce T. of Delhi

"It was good work," he said. "The very solid and all the grab bars are just right. I am a large man and I was worried that it would be solid enough, and it is. Fred really worked with us. I would definitely recommend Whole Home."

Pat, 78 and Jim, 82, H. of Miami Heights

"We wanted a walk in shower and they did all that and more. They replaced the toilet with a higher toilet which is so much nicer, a new vanity, new flooring. I was amazed they could do it all so easily and how well they did it. It really looks beautiful. I'm happy to recommend Whole Home to anyone. They did a beautiful job."

Keeping Whole Home clients in their homes is valuable work. We are proud to offer our service to help your family with aging in place and disability needs.

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