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Should I stay or move?

Posted on August 04, 2014 by kim

Like many people at the empty nesting stage of life we find ourselves evaluating whether to continue living in our current dream home with its charm and character, or downsize to something more suitable for the foreseeable future.  We love our home, its historical architecture and each nook is filled with special memories with family and friends.  However, it does have more space than we need most days and some of the features may require alterations.

We have observed friends go through the downsizing process by spending more money on a new place.  Others actually gained square footage in a new floor plan.  What home features are the most important to us?

And then there is the dilemma of how much space should be retained for the two annual visits from out of town family.  It is not solely a financial decision but rather one of lifestyle and hospitality.

Would our friends be willing to share your thought processes which helped you the most?  What were the most important factors for you in the decision?  What was the eventual outcome?  Any regrets? 

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