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Remodeling Your Home with Walk in/Roll in Showers

Posted on March 18, 2015 by kim

Spring is here and, besides warmer weather and more outdoor activities, that means many homeowners are starting to consider their next home renovation project.  The list for renovations can be long, and bathrooms are generally at the very top of it. Bathroom renovations can be very involved, so it’s important to think about the future when designing your new bathroom.

One of our favorite products is the walk in/roll in shower. These showers are flush with the ground, meaning there is no barrier to enter. They’re also beautiful and come in the high-end finishes homeowners want when making renovations.

There are many benefits to adding a walk in/roll in shower during your next renovation. The zero barrier entry makes it easy for small children and family members with temporary injury to get in the shower without stepping over the tub. Additionally these showers make the bathroom more accessible for older family members who frequently visit, or live with you.

If you do add a walk in/roll in shower, think about including an adjustable showerhead. It can be lowered to the perfect height for kids or family members in wheelchairs.

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