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Modification Tips for Improving Bathroom Safety

Posted on October 24, 2014 by kim

Modification Tips for BathroomsAt Whole Home Modifications, we know that most people want to stay in their homes as long as possible. With aging, illness and injury, sometimes this becomes more difficult. However, we’re here to assist you and your loved ones in making your home safer and more accessible for you, your family and your guests, for many years to come.

One of the most common issues facing aging seniors and those with accessibility concerns is the fear of falling in the home. Each year, 1 in 3 adults 65 and older experiences a fall. Bathrooms in particular can be dangerous to seniors and those with limited mobility. However, there are simple ways to make your bathroom safer and more accessible.

When it comes to bathrooms, common issues include difficulty getting in and out of the tub, standing at the sink, getting on and off the toilet, replacing toilet tissue on the holder, and reaching and cleaning thoroughly. Any of these instances can lead to a fall, but each can be resolved with a few simple home modifications.

Grab bars are one of the easiest home modifications to make, and often the most important. When installed properly (we recommend having them professionally installed), grab bars allow you and your loved ones to safely transition from sitting to standing, they add security when navigating the entry, and make getting in and out of the bathtub easier and safer.

Another helpful bathroom modification is to install a curbless shower or a walk-in tub, both of which can significantly decrease the risk of falling and increase independence for anyone with mobility challenges 

When you are ready to move towards modifying your bathroom, we can help. Whole Home’s Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) are happy to visit your home and provide you with a free in-home evaluation. Our CAPS will evaluate your home and make suggestions for modifications based on your unique situation that will help to prevent falls and increase accessibility and visitability.  To schedule your free in-home evaluation, give us a call at 513.482.5100 or send us an email at info@wholehome.org.

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