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Fall Prevention and Home Safety

Posted on September 04, 2013 by kim

Fall prevention and home safety

The majority of falls for adults age 65 and older happen at home. Regular activity and exercise along with a healthy diet are important in helping to reduce your risk of falling. Improving your living environment and reducing your risk factors will also lower your chances of experiencing an injury from a fall.

Simple home improvements you can make to reduce your risk of falling:

• Install and secure appropriate hand rails and grab bars in your bathroom

• Place bath mats or have “non-slip” surfaces in your bathtub or on your shower floor

• Clear your hallways, walkways and exits of clutter and obstacles

• Secure all rugs to the floor properly; do not use throw rugs as they can cause you to trip

• Make sure that all rooms in your home have proper lighting, including night lights in the bathroom and hallways

• Ensure that your furniture is intact and sturdy

• Make sure that stairways are well lit and have at least one handrail

• Install at least one working telephone that is reachable from the floor

• Store commonly-used household items at safe reaching heights

• Make sure that the outside entrance to your home has appropriate lighting

• Keep walkways clear of debris and obstacles, and check to ensure that steps are intact and appropriate hand rails are installed

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