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Aging with Parents

Posted on April 18, 2012 by kim

A recent article in the LA Times examined the changing atmosphere and responsibility of the baby boomer generation and their aging parents. Here are some helpful tips about talking to parents about lifestyle changes as they age.  

“We’re not parenting out parents, we’re parenting with our parents”

It is important to remember the agendas, needs, and wants of those being cared for. Rather than considering the new position as caregiver as a parental, remember most of the time parents know or at least have an idea about things they may not be best suited for anymore. Remember they were once parents, and they too know what’s best. Taking the time to listen, understand, and communicate clearly can help establish a healthy productive environment for the caregiver relationship to flourish. The aim of the conversation may vary from persuading parents to see a doctor, or talking about driving, and there is no specific script to follow, but keeping these helpful tips in mind will help kickoff the talk.      

The continuous development of Universal Design, especially in home modification, has helped remove the stigmas that plague aging and the feeling of relinquished freedom. Through creating safe living environments designed for life-span living, aging parents can live independently longer, and more importantly safely. Universal Design products make talking to parents about aging easier, as it provides options and alternatives to improve aging lifestyle. Whole Home offers a variety of modifications and related services to ensure the safety of those who staying in their own homes, call 513.482.5100, or visit our services page for more information. 


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