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A CAPS can help you plan for the future - the Whole Home difference

Posted on February 13, 2014 by kim

Showroom Shower SeatA Certified Aging in Place Specialist can make the difference when planning for your modification needs. At Whole Home, we have four CAPS ready to help you when you need to modify your home. An example of how we can make the difference: a customer agreed to have two grab bars installed in his bath, but saw no need to also have a seat installed. He throught it would unnecessarily raise the price for something he wouldn't use. Instead of trying to upsell the client or forgetting the seat altogether, the Whole Home CAPS representative wrote into the contract that he would install proper support blocking for a future seat, just in case. Now, not even a year later, our customer has suffered a major stroke and would benefit greatly from a folding seat for his shower.

Thanks to Whole Home’s standard practice of always installing seat blocking, this customer will only need to pay for the seat and no extra demolition and reconstruction. This the level of professionalism you can expect from Whole Home. Please call us today at 513-482-5100 to see how we can help you plan for the future!

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